Macbeth Play Reflection

To me, doing a play on Macbeth was one of the most interesting and fun activity in quarter two. I would say that it was not better than multi genre project series however the second best project was acting Macbeth out. Suzie, me, Hyun woo, Grace, Sharon, and Billy were putting a lot of effort on acting out scene 3.4 and invested lots of money into the project. We could have done the modern version of Macbeth however we realized that not so many groups are going to do the old, original version. So, although we know that it was going to cause us some wons (Korean money) decided to still do the original version.


         Last Thursday, we finally got to present our scene. First, we saw the play of Act 1, Minhee, Dennis, and other people. In my opinion, they started off fairly good where they weren’t bad nor extremely good. Although their recall of the play and the understanding of characters were sufficient, preparation was not so well done. That does not mean that they did an awful job, they were still good. Next, we saw Jessica and Harin’s part of the play in Act 2. Jessica and Harin did an awesome job in their play. I would say that their acting was their strongest aspect of the project. Third, it was our time to present. Everything went fine except I was the one who had the most pressure I think. After my lines, I was responsible for lights and the music. We have decided to not to edit the music because we wanted flexibility in time. So we did it manually, the old fashioned way. My hands shook a little and hopefully nobody noticed me making a mistake on lights


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Multi Genre #3

This is my Multi Genre Project about the future weapons about this world.

This video contrasts between time when the weapon was not developed and when it was developed.

My airsoft gun teammates helped me to shoot the video.